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Sandhill Studio works with venture capital firms on Sandhill Road to develop a visual creative strategy for their fund and all their portfolio startup companies. Many startups overlook the power of imagery when presenting their company online and offline across all media. Professional imagery, strategically used, can make the difference between failure and success. We make it easy and show you the way.

The great companies of our time attract and retain talent through a workplace culture that connects with our core values.

Now more than ever, people want to work in a place that gives them meaning in their life, not just a paycheck.

How can you communicate this effectively through visual media online and offline?
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Nothing speaks about your workplace culture better than an authentic photograph.

“Uncovering company culture can be tricky…”

Read the article published in Thought Catalog on how candidates assess cultural fit. (by Mira Zaslove)

Many investors wish they had better photos of some of their portfolio companies in their early days, especially the ones that went public.

Do you have a process to capture your portfolio of startup success stories?

Work environment is a big factor in attracting top talent.

How do you showcase your piece of Sandhill Road compared to your competitors?

Tech Startup Office

How do you attract the best graduates?

People spend a large portion of their living hours in their place of work.

How can you enable people to experience life at your firm through a few powerful images on your website or annual report?

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All your portfolio company founders deserve a few candid shots while in action building their companies.

What if you had a team that specialized in doing this for all your portfolio companies?

How does your firm and portfolio companies present their team on your website? Do the images communicate your culture and brand values?

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