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Sandhill Studio works with startups at all stages, from founders working in their garage all the way to IPO. We advise startups on how to use powerful imagery across all their media online and offline to make a strong impression and improve chances of securing funding, customers and recruiting team members.

The great companies of our time attract and retain talent through a workplace culture that connects with our core values.

Now more than ever, people want to work in a place that gives them meaning in their life, not just a paycheck.

How can you communicate this effectively through visual media online and offline?
Team Dynamics
Nothing speaks about your startup culture better than a candid, authentic photograph.

“Uncovering company culture can be tricky…”

Read the article published in Thought Catalog on how candidates assess cultural fit. (by Mira Zaslove)

Founder Talk

If you're going to be the next unicorn founder on the Forbes list, one day you will wish you got some better pictures of your early days...

Do you work in a cool startup space?

Office envy is a big part of attracting top talent.

Tech Startup Office

Is your startup team made up of nomads living on islands?

Does your startup have a unique culture as part of its DNA? Show it in photos and attract talent that matches your culture.

Chabot Space & Science Center
Microsoft Marketing

Founders going through the process of fundraising know that first impressions matter a lot.

When you're not out networking and pitching, your website and pitch deck may be doing a lot of the work for you.

Investing in professional imagery allows the founders to look their best even when they're not in the boardroom with a VC.

How do you present your startup team on your website?

Team Roster