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Sandhill Studio works with corporate clients to identify and articulate the value of their company culture and express these elements powerfully and consistently across the organization’s visual asset portfolio.

The great companies of our time attract and retain talent through a workplace culture that connects with our core values.

Now more than ever, people want to work in a place that gives them meaning in their life, not just a paycheck.

How can you communicate this effectively through visual media online and offline?

Nothing speaks about your corporate culture better than a powerful photograph.

“Uncovering company culture can be tricky…”

Read the article published in Thought Catalog on how candidates assess cultural fit. (by Mira Zaslove)

Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA

Brancusi once said:

“Architecture is inhabited sculpture.”

Culture arises in spaces.


Tech Startup Office

…and outdoor.

How can you use imagery to showcase the designed spaces where your team will spend their days?

People spend a large portion of their living hours in their place of work.

How can you enable people to experience life at your company through a few powerful images on your website or annual report?

Chabot Space & Science Center
Microsoft Marketing

Companies that promote self-expression in their workplace create more space for innovation.

How do you lure top talent by showing them what it’s like to be themselves in your environment?

How do you present your team on your website?

Team Roster