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Many branding agencies focus too much on design and colour and miss the importance of capturing authentic non-stock imagery photography that really tells the start-up story.

Founders tell us that a venture capitalist’s website can make the difference between applying for funding and going elsewhere.

This is where a visual creative strategy comes into play. How can you use authentic imagery on your website and other media to share how you will partner with founders on their journey to IPO?

Extend your environment to your website…

“The most important 30 seconds…”

Read the article published by the BBC on making a good impression. (by Mira Zaslove)

Investment Team
How approachable does your team look from the headshots on your website?

Tell your garage stories…

Show where your portfolio companies were started…

Early start-up spaces
Founding TeamDo you have team photos of all your founding teams from your portfolio companies?
Do you have high quality headshots for your entire investment team and all company founders?Stanford Professor PortraitStartup Founder & Stanford Professor
VC Spaces

How well do you show off your VC office space and startup workspaces?

Do you have fresh images ready if an opportunity arises to be featured in a magazine or newspaper?

Founders and venture investment professionals can be prepared for publicity opportunities with a well designed press kit

Sandhill Studio can be your long-term visual creative strategy partner to capture your best moments with high-end photography.

Product Team