Sand Hill Studio - Visual Creative Strategy & Professional Photography in Silicon Valley


Our team has over ten years of director/senior-level product management experience working with Fortune 500 and software startup companies. For Visual Creative Strategy engagements, this gives us a unique edge for companies with extensive product development operations.
We understand the processes, work environments, and cultural nuances in both large companies and garage startups. With our professional photography expertise, we have deep capabilities to work with advanced production and editing workflows. We can take on complex product management projects that also require visual creative experience and sensibility.
Team Meeting

Corporate Training

As part of our client engagements, we can offer your staff training in-house as required and recommended with the strategy we develop for you. Our team has specific experience with sales and negotiation training, proven essential in the product/customer development process.

We work to delight customers by training and working with customer success teams and making slick feedback management systems to help resolve issues swiftly.

You can view some of our past published articles on Sales & Negotiation Training in publications such as the BBC, TIME, Fortune, and Inc magazines.

Team Management

Our team has extensive experience running operations with large and small teams in both startup SAAS and corporate Fortune 500 environments (Cisco and HP).

We pride ourselves in our style of managing teams through effective communication, mentorship, and training with a results-oriented mindset and focus.

We have end-to-end launch experience, from product specifications, wireframes to detailed launch plans and operational rollouts.

We work closely with marketing teams and partner with them to develop products that are suitable for the market and build marketing features into the product where appropriate.

Event Photographer

Customer Development

We never shy away from rolling up our sleeves to get into details and customer-facing work but always with big picture insight guiding our actions.

We have hands-on experience with the customer development model for customer/product research/validation, agile software development, and rapid scaling of products beyond initial market regions.

Case Study (published in Forbes): Learn how startups can avoid failure through customer development

Brainstorming & Design Thinking

We take a design thinking approach, building empathy with our end users combined with analytics and real data to prioritize problems that need to be solved and articulate how we can innovate to create simple solutions that have market relevance.

Microsoft Marketing

Supply Chain Visibility

As international markets rapidly adjust to rapid changes in supply chain constraints, there has never been a time where executives demanded more visibility over their global supply chain.

Through working with Fortune 500 and startup companies across both software and hardware industries, our team has a unique ability to bring supply chain visibility to life through thoughtful visual strategy.

Often it helps in the marketing materials as well as the product development process to see how and where products are made.