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Sandhill Studio works with startup founders and executive teams to outline their professional digital presence and develop a strategy to make the best possible impression.
First impressions can have a life-changing influence on the trajectory of your professional career.

Historically, this included your appearance, handshake, and even the way you walk and carry yourself.

As we transact more and more online, this psychology is still at play between people.

However, the medium has changed. We now meet over Zoom and share our digital profiles across many different digital platforms.
Executive Profile
Silicon Valley Executive

Your online headshot can be as valuable as a powerful handshake.

“The most important 30 seconds…”

Read the article published by the BBC on making a good impression. (by Mira Zaslove)

Startup Founder
Startup Founder
Most people see their profile image on any site they use as a box that needs to be ticked, innocently uploading any image they can find on their desktop.

The most successful professionals know that even a little thumbnail of your mugshot is part of your professional image.
With entire workplaces moving online, there has never been a more critical time to plan for and develop your professional / executive visual strategy.

Ensure you put your best foot forward both online and offline.
Real Estate Professional Bio
Commercial Real Estate
Founder Bio
CEO - MatterPort
When you browse these images, how do they make you feel? Do you feel like spending hours brainstorming with them?
Could you imagine chatting with them on a long drive to give a presentation?

Do you feel like you could trust the advice they give you?
Non-Profit Director Bio
Non-Profit Director
Non-Profit Executive Director
Chief Legal Officer / Legal Counsel

Your professional image appears online as soon as someone searches your name on Google or on any site that you use professionally to interact with others.

How do you manage this currently?

More importantly, how do you leverage this media to build your career?

Do you have fresh images ready if an opportunity arises to be featured in a magazine or newspaper?

Executives and professionals can be prepared for publicity opportunities with a well designed press kit.