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Distributed workplaces have become the new reality across the world and especially in Silicon Valley. This includes trends such as WFH (work from home), flexible working, remote working, and international virtual teams. This shift in how we work will have a huge impact on the way companies recruit and retain their employees, and leverage global talent.
People want to see where they will work. They want to get excited about future opportunities. But how do you show this when workplaces are moving online? They want to know who their colleagues will be. How do you want your employees to show up to work “virtually”? When people book a holiday they like to browse through photos on airbnb and restaurants they will dine at.

The same applies for job hunters. For places where people will spend much of their daily time, they want to see where they will work and what it will be like.

If our workplaces will become all digital, we will need to get creative about how we can foster human connection.

The power of profile photographs and promoting the experiences when people will interact offline is more important than ever.

Companies like Zappos pride themselves on a culture where people can be quirky. How can you create a unique culture when people don’t sit next to each other?

Companies like Twitter are moving to a 100% WFH model. How will their associates present themselves online to the rest of their team.

How can you visually capture and showcase your corporate culture when meetings are on Zoom?

Reading RoomEach and every employee home office is now a part of your company workspace and culture.
When everyone is working from home, how can you virtually create inviting spaces?Co-working Space
Team DynamicsIf you have team members who co-work or work out of cafes, those spaces are now part of your company culture.
How do you create company-wide meeting culture and etiquette when team members are no longer meeting around a table?
Standing Desks

The new workplace is a sea of WFH workstations and offices.

How do you effectively share this in a recruiting catalogue or website?

In a distributed team environment, with more staff working from home, it is very likely that many colleagues will work together for many years, yet never meet in person.

There has never been a more important time for employees to have a professional and consistent profile picture to create affinity between people.

Executive Vice President
Team Roster
Company Mascot

Some companies are pet friendly.

Any company with some level of WFH workforce is, by default, now also pet friendly. If there’s a dog sleeping in the corner of your Zoom chat, they are now part of your work culture!

Can we have some fun with this?

Do you have an office mascot?

If you’ve been on a Zoom call with a colleague, you probably met their kids and family at some point. They are now a part of the new WFH workplace culture.

How do we embrace this?

Travel Photography
Quora Company OffsiteHow can you build connection between your team members when people will no longer be meeting in person?

Get your team excited for the next in-person conference.

Showcase your venues.

Help people plan their presentations and performances.

Company Party Photos
Launch PartyFor teams that work from home and meet virtually, do you have a collection of great desktop wallpaper from some great times the team spent together?

Conferences are moving online.

How much can we re-create from offline experiences?

Palo Alto Professional Photography
Sales Conference

Companies spend huge budgets on conferences and employee gatherings with special events and opportunities.

How well do you showcase these on your recruitment sites?

If in-person events are rare at your company, you want to maximize attendance and prepare to welcome everybody as best as possible.Entertainment

If your workplace is made of digital nomads, your next in-person meeting space might be a resort on an island.

Show people where and make them want to be part of your virtual team!

Maybe the annual company cruise vacation will be the only time of the year when all employees get to meet in person.

How can you keep this idea alive for your team?

At some point, the whole team will meet in the office together.

Ensure your staff maintain a powerful impression about the space they will come to.